We Got Lazy, Worked with some Nice SEO’ers & Agencies… But Now Were Back!

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It’s true… It seems you noticed. Back in August we shut the doors on our link building service. We said no, to more orders… We had a few agencies sign up for the bulk buyer programme, more than expected and soon we literally hit capacity. Were not a massive team. We don’t have a factory of people, were a pretty small team of freelancers, close nit so we can maintain quality.

So What?

Anyway, we’ve really enjoyed working with these agencies and learnt quite a few things and hope to learn more from them along the way. Its partly due to the feedback from these SEO agencies that we’ve now re evaluated and adjusted what we do. We’ve decided to make it really simple and play on our core strengths, which is content and web 2.0 (hub) links. According to the feedback we have had we build some of the best looking web 2.0 links and because they look so nice and so natural they have stood the test of time. Check out this Web 2.0 Link we built in May 2012!. As well as this, we’ve launched out new Guest Posting Service which has gone down a storm. Not the traditional style of guest posts though. Even better, find out more here.

Whats Going On? It’s Getting Desperate Out There!

Since we shut the doors we’ve had more interest than ever, tons of emails, even desperate ones from agencies who don’t know what the hell to do! It’s madness, it wasn’t a marketing ploy or anything but because of the response, we may even carry out a marketing ploy like this in the future so we can get a bonus :-).

We’ve noticed there are quite a few SEO agencies that are desperate out there, looking for the best, safest link building solution and furthermore looking for a UK company as apposed to shipping of shore. Well… We hear you… Thats why were back. Like we said the doors are back open and we plan to introduce some more manual link building services shortly, maybe even some UK directory services and high PR links.

Even Easier to Order

Ordering is even easier. On each link building service page you just submit your info and then you will be redirected to make payment. You can place bulk orders on this form, upload spreadsheets and even upload a logo so we can brand up your reports if you want to ship them off to your clients. Theres nothing more we hate than complicated order forms which take time, effort and brain power. You get enough headaches with SEO we want to make the link stuff as hassle free as possible!

Anyway, thats enough for now. Any questions then give us a shout.
I think we need to get our Facebook and Twitter live again. Feel free to connect, tweet, like, abuse.