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Earn 10% Lifetime Commission Promoting a Recognised Brand in the SEO Industry

Easy To Promote Productised SEO Services

6 Reasons to Become An SEO Affiliate

10% Commission On All Sales

Earn 10% commission on every single sale. This includes one-off purchases or even recurring orders that clients place. You’ll always get 10% commission no matter what.

Lifetime Commissions. Period

Refer a client via your affiliate link and you’ll earn for the entire lifetime of that client. That’s 10% commission on every single order they place for as long as they are a client of FATJOE.

30-Day Tracking Cookies

Refer a client today and even if they don’t sign up straight away, you won’t lose out with our 30-day cookies. Most interested visitors usually sign up for an account with FATJOE on the first visit.

PayPal Monthly Payouts

We payout via PayPal directly two months after commissions were earned. So for January commissions, you’ll be paid at the end of March and so on.

Awesome Sales Follow Up

We work hard behind the scenes to convert the sign-ups you send. Some of our strategies include autoresponders, re-targeting and customer champions who’ll reach out to sign-ups.

Sales Tools, Help & Support

We’ll give you all of the tools you need to succeed including sign up and product affiliate links, banners, and an account manager on hand to help you align our services for your audience.

Easily Track Sign Ups and Earnings


Tracking all of your earnings couldn’t be simpler with our easy to digest affiliate dashboard. We’ll track all of your sign-ups, orders and commission every single month and break down that data into charts for you to view at your leisure.

Manage and Track Your Payouts


Payouts are made at the end of every month and in ‘Payout Details’ you’ll find information on the total commissions paid, the date and time the payment was made and the PayPal transaction ID for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FATJOE SEO Affiliate Program?

The FATJOE SEO affiliate program is a way for you to earn money by promoting FATJOE products and services and sending customers our way.

How does it work?

In your account, you’ll get a unique affiliate tracking code which you can place in your blog reviews, social channels, video content descriptions or any marketing campaigns you conduct.

When someone clicks on that link and signs up for an account or places an order for our SEO services, you’ll be automatically tagged as the referrer and you’ll earn commission for every order that customer for their lifetime account.

How much commission can I earn?

With our industry leading SEO affiliate program you’ll get 10% of every single purchase a sign up you refer places for their lifetime. On average a client stays with FATJOE for more than 12 months, so you’ll earn commission from that client for every order, every month! This is a real opportunity where your commission is likely to grow each month the more customers you refer.

How long do you track cookies for?

Every customer you refer through your affiliate link will be tracked for 30 days. So if they don’t sign up day 1, but they do on day 28 then you’ll still be tracked as the referrer and you’ll earn commission on every purchase they make.

Can I generate affiliate commissions from my own orders?

No. This is pretty standard. Our system will detect commission that cross-references to other accounts based on IP, location and similar details.