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Low Tier

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA10+ Blogs
  • Ahrefs DR10 Average
  • Inc 250 Word Description
  • 1 Branded Credit Link
from £35 $46 Per Placement USD is approx conversion
From 14 days (11th Feb)

Bulk Discounts

  • 1 Placement £45 Each $60 Each
  • 25+ Placements £40 Each $53 Each
  • 50+ Placements £35 Each $46 Each
More Features
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Mimics Viral Content


Mid Tier

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA20+ Blogs
  • Ahrefs DR25 Average
  • Inc 250 Word Description
  • 1 Branded Credit Link
from £50 $66 Per Placement USD is approx conversion
From 14 days (11th Feb)

Bulk Discounts

  • 1 Placement £60 Each $80 Each
  • 25+ Placements £55 Each $73 Each
  • 50+ Placements £50 Each $66 Each
More Features
  • 90 Day Link Guarantee
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Mimics Viral Content

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How It Works

1. The Outreach Stage

We’ll scour the web to find suitable placements on genuine websites and blogs. We use our exact same blogger outreach skills which we have perfected since 2012 to ensure we get you quality infographic links.

2. We Write Supporting Content

Our infographic submission service includes a unique description of around 100-300 supporting words to go with each placement. We’ll write unique content for each placement, written from the blog owner’s perspective.

3. View Your Placements

From within your own dashboard you’ll be able to monitor the progress of infographic placements live as they are secured. You’ll even be able to export an unbranded, white label CSV report to hand over to your clients.

Infographic Submission Benefits

Genuine Outreach

We secure placements on sites we’ve genuinely outreached to.

Brand Credibility

Visual content helps enhance your website and gain brand credibility.

Drive Traffic

Infographic outreach can help drive targeted visitors to your website.

Viral Capabilities

Sharing infographic content can create a viral distribution effect.

Acquire Credit Links

Create link diversity by gaining trusted credit brand links.

Examples of Blogs We Outreach To

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100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back


We pride ourselves on being the most scalable and cost-effective infographic submission solution which is why agencies switch to us every day. In fact, we believe in our infographic outreach service that much that we’re prepared to make your first order completely risk free. Place an order for up to 10 placements and if you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back and still remove the mentions. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Joe Taylor Profile PictureJoe-Taylor-FATJOE-Co-Founder
Joe Taylor, Co-Founder

What is Infographic Outreach?


Infographic Outreach, or Infographic Submission, is very similar to Blogger Outreach and is the process of finding and connecting with influential bloggers within the blogosphere. The difference here is that we share your infographic as opposed to a blog post. Infographic outreach is a method used by brands and marketing agencies to encourage influential bloggers to promote an infographic to their audience for the purpose of gaining credible link mentions and exposure. A great addition to your overall link building efforts.


Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

Why should I do infographic outreach?

Infographic submission gives you the opportunity to obtain a different type of link other than text-based in-content links. It helps to vary the link type in your profile.

What is an infographic placement?

An infographic placement is your infographic design published on another website or blog. As part of our service, we write 100-300 word supporting content from the blog owner’s perspective to ensure the placement looks super natural. We’ll also ensure there is a mention back to your target URL so you get the link love you deserve.

Can I choose the Domain Authority of the blogs?

You have the freedom to choose the DA (Domain Authority) metrics you require for each placement. DA is updated daily so our system will show you the DA metrics at the time of placement. We cannot refund or replace blogs that reduce or rise in DA after the first day of the secured placement.

What information do I have to give?

All we need for infographic link building is the URL of the published infographic so we can credit you with a brand link mention. We’ll have pretty much all the information we need then to write unique descriptions and find suitable placements.

What should I include in my infographic?

It’s no surprise that interesting, relevant data is what makes an infographic shareable, alongside an engaging design, of course. Make sure that your topic is relevant to your audience and create a compelling narrative that attracts their attention. If you’re struggling to design your own infographic, we offer an infographic design service

How do you create an infographic link?

When we publish your infographic, we ensure that there is a mention back to your target URL.

How are infographics good for SEO?

Infographics are very engaging pieces of content. They illustrate your message in a visually pleasing way and, when paired with a short introduction, are very shareable. The more an infographic is published across a variety of websites, the more infographic backlinks this generates. These metrics are key SEO ranking factors.

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