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Grow your ROI and increase brand awareness with compelling press coverage and digital pr links.

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Work with a team of digital PR experts on-demand with no contracts, all within one dashboard. Expand your profile, build powerful links, and drive results with compelling digital PR marketing which won’t cost the earth.

All our digital PR services are designed to be resold and can be completed in just a few days, allowing you to scale your business. Once we’ve completed your project, you’ll also receive a white label report to ensure your clients never know that FATJOE helped to make great things happen.

Which Digital PR Services Should You Be Using?

While this of course varies case-by-case our general advice is that digital PR can be used to acquire semi-regular link mentions to help supplement your other daily/monthly link building.

Press Releases can be distributed quarterly with any news-worthy company updates and news. Media Placements can supplement these with semi-regular boosts via individual high-impact links, while HARO is typically reserved for occasional high-budget campaigns to really move the needle.

Inhouse Digital PR vs. Outsourced Digital PR

While managing Digital PR in-house might suit some agencies, for many it will hamper scalability as Digital PR is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Outsourcing your Digital PR can help save time and money while reducing overheads.


What Digital PR services do you offer?

We offer a variety of Digital PR services, including a classic Press Release Distribution service where we write and distribute a press release for you, an Expert Quote Links service where we’ll answer pitches on your behalf to secure high-impact journalist links, and Media Placements where you select the most relevant sites from our hand-picked catalog.


Finally, we also offer Content Syndication to boost the profile of existing placements you have already secured for yourself or your clients.

Why use FATJOE for Digital PR?

Our outsourced Digital PR services help take the hassle out of the manual legwork of pitching and tracking your PR outreach, letting you focus on your clients.

Our services are all completely white-label, and we don’t have any contracts or minimum monthly spend, so you can maximize your capacity by outsourcing to us whenever you need.

How is Digital PR different to link building?

Digital PR IS link building, it’s just another angle you can take alongside classic methods like guest posting or Blogger Outreach.

Digital PR is a great way to secure high-value links as it gains you or your clients links from established and reputable media sources, which Google loves to see. It’s a natural way to secure genuine brand coverage for yourself or your clients.

Can I resell your Digital PR services?

Absolutely! All of our services are designed to be easy to resell. You manage your orders through your easy-to-use customer dashboard. You can download any reports as plain CSVs that are easy for you to add your branding to or pass directly along to your clients right away.

How many links/placements do you guarantee?

We include all of the service guarantees on their respective product pages. The available packages will include how many placements we guarantee for each service/product.

Do I receive a report on the Digital PR campaign?

Yes, you’ll receive a full report of all placements secured. The report will be easily downloadable as a plain CSV.

Digital PR. Done.


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