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2-6 Links

30+ Pitches

  • Guaranteed 2+ Links

  • Genuine Journalist Outreach

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    High DA & Traffic Websites

    We pitch to DA30+ websites with a minimum 1000 SEMRush traffic, but most placements will far exceed these metrics.

  • US & UK Written Pitches

  • Live Pitch & Link Tracker

  • Example Pitch Report



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4-8 Links

50+ Pitches

  • Guaranteed 4+ Links

  • Genuine Journalist Outreach

  • Quote Style Links

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    High DA & Traffic Websites

    We pitch to DA30+ websites with a minimum 1000 SEMRush traffic, but most placements will far exceed these metrics.

  • US & UK Written Pitches

  • Live Pitch & Link Tracker

  • Example Pitch Report



Per campaign

USD is approx conversion

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6-10 Links

70+ Pitches

  • Guaranteed 6+ Links

  • Genuine Journalist Outreach

  • Quote Style Links

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    High DA & Traffic Websites

    We pitch to DA30+ websites with a minimum 1000 SEMRush traffic, but most placements will far exceed these metrics.

  • US & UK Written Pitches

  • Live Pitch & Link Tracker

  • Example Pitch Report



Per campaign

USD is approx conversion

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How Our Expert Quote Link Building Service Works


Easy To Order

It’s easy to use our expert quote link building service. Simply provide your website URL, the name and job title of your company spokesperson along with a short bio and headshot.


We’ll Get Pitching

We’ll then handle everything for you, from identifying the most relevant opportunities to crafting perfect pitches for digital PR platforms to secure you high quality journalist links via reactive PR.


View Your Links

Once complete, we’ll deliver a white label report showing every pitch submitted across multiple PR platforms. We’ll also provide links to successful placements with Domain Authority included.


Expert Quote Link Building Benefits

Reactive PR Pitching

We monitor multiple digital PR platforms daily for opportunities to pitch quotes.

100% White Label

Get a white label report on each pitch made, as well as the links achieved.

Guaranteed Links

We guarantee a successful link quantity, which we typically exceed by many.

Boost Your Rankings

Build the kind of expert links that really move the needle for your rankings.

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'Quality content & strong linking campaigns'

Completely risk free

We Guarantee Our Expert Link Placements

We pride ourselves on offering the most scalable and cost-effective expert link building service, which is why agencies switch to us every day. In fact, we believe in our service so much that we’re prepared to refund any placements we’re unable to secure based on our minimum link guarantee in each package. We’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

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We are rated 4.8 on based on 1328 reviews

Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

Some digital PR platforms are free services, why should I work with you?

Timing is everything when it comes to building links using digital PR platforms. In fact, with them being so fast-paced, checking in daily is essential. For busy agencies or in-house teams, this isn’t always possible. Combine this with the fact that successful pitches are not guaranteed, and building journalist backlinks can seem like an almost impossible task.

This is where we come in. We have a specialist team on hand who scour pitch emails daily to identify the most relevant queries for your business. Once they land, we then craft perfect pitches to give you the best chance of success.

As journalists can receive hundreds of pitches each day, we ensure all our responses are short, concise, and, above all, valuable.

Having built links using digital PR platforms for many years, we’ve perfected our pitching process to help businesses and brands of all sizes and sectors to stand out to journalists for the right reasons, securing positive media coverage. In fact, we’re so confident in our service that we guarantee a set number of successful high-quality backlinks per package.

With our 30+ pitch package, you’ll get at least 2 quality backlinks; with our 50+ pitch package, you’ll get 4+ quality backlinks; and with our 70+ pitch package, we guarantee at least 6 successful backlinks.

As a rule, we pitch to DA30+ websites with a minimum of 1000 SEMRush traffic too, but most placements will exceed these metrics.

In short, we’ll do the leg work, allowing you to focus your efforts on other aspects of your client’s SEO strategy!

How many links will I gain?

The number of links gained from a campaign can vary greatly depending on the industry and relevant link opportunities available. We do, however, guarantee a minimum amount of links based on the # of pitches. We aim to far exceed these minimum guarantees:

  • 30+ pitches we guarantee 2+ successful links
  • 50+ pitches we guarantee 4+ successful links
  • 70+ pitches we guarantee 6+ successful links

Can I choose the anchor text/URL?

Unfortunately not. We have little control over how the media publications will include your quote. Most will include a mention by linking your name, the company name, URL, or similar. Others may use a keyword anchor if it’s relevant, but this is rare.

Who writes the pitches?

Our talented writing team will write the pitch with your company and services in mind, adding amazing value to the context of the article proposed. The better the pitch, the more likely it will result in a link.

Why do you need the details of a company representative?

PR pitches must be submitted with the name, job title, and a short bio about the company representative included. Providing this information gives you a greater chance of being successful. Clear headshots/profile images are also useful, although uploading an image when submitting your order is optional.

What if I don’t like the content of the pitch?

We try to keep our expert PR pitches very positive, informative, and based on your industry or business in general. We stay away from controversy and politics, so in general, there will be absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of being represented in a good light.

Where are the links placed?

In general, links generated from journalist requests and other reporter opportunities will be included in a roundup piece that asks experts within a field for an opinion or a tip on a certain topic.

Will the links be follow?

At least 50% of the guaranteed number of links in each package will be DoFollow links. So for for the 30+ pitch package, we guarantee at least 1 follow link. For 50+ we guarantee at least 2 follow links. For 70+ we guarantee at least 3 follow links.

We guarantee this as a minimum, so you may still receive more follow links.

Are digital PR backlinks white hat?

Yes! Our expert quote link building service is specifically designed to help you to gain high authority white hat links by targeting exclusive media outlets. We do not pay journalists for features or to build links; successful placements are simply based on 100% genuine outreach.

Will expert quote links help my SEO?

Expert quote links are a great way to naturally build high authority backlinks which help to increase a website’s credibility. A successful digital PR SEO campaign can also increase your organic traffic through improved visibility in the SERPs; having backlinks from a variety of good quality, high traffic sources also means you’ll have a consistent flow of referral traffic too.

PR platforms are used by some of the top journalists and publications out there, meaning you can secure links from authoritative high-impact outlets.

In short, the more natural links you build, the more authoritative you will become, and the more you will reap the benefits!

How long will it take?

We estimate the following delivery times across each of our expert quote link building packages:

  • Up to 90 days for 30+ pitches
  • Up to 100 days for 50+ pitches
  • Up to 130 days for 70+ pitches

Please note that the turnaround times above are only estimates, and results may come in a lot sooner. For some niche industries, the process may also take longer. If we don’t win the links straight away, we’ll continue to pitch until we do.

During the conservative time frames above, you may start seeing pitches being successfully used in publications within the first few weeks. We will report on everything at the end via our PR pitch report – in which you’ll see every pitch and every successful link.

Can I use your expert quote link service alongside other link building strategies?

Of course! In fact, we highly recommend mixing up your link building. It’s good practice to have a nice balance, incorporating various link building methods such as guest blogging, press release distribution, infographic promotion, directories, a mix of follow and no follow, and so on.

How often should I build expert quote links?

We’d recommend 2-3 expert link campaigns per year per website. This will give your website a nice handful of exclusive, authoritative, and genuine links that just can’t be achieved by competitors. Expert quote links act as the cherry on top that moves the needle in SEO campaigns, small and large.

How long will the link placements last?

The links secured should last indefinitely, depending on the editorial policies of the publications.

Do you take orders for gambling and igaming industries?

With past experience, we know these are tough niches to build expert quote links for. For this reason, we do not currently cover these niches. If you are unsure about your industry or niche, contact us to speak to a member of our Support team.

Can I resell your expert quote service?

Sure, all our link building services are simple to order and are built to be resold. With a white label pitch report included, your clients will never know that FATJOE was involved!

Do you provide refunds?

We will only provide refunds if we are unable to secure placements. We are unable to provide refunds for any other reason.

What is reactive PR?

Reactive PR is based on monitoring current news trends and identifying opportunities to get clients featured as commentators on recent events or as being relevant to current news stories.

To secure Expert Quote Links we actively monitor journalist requests and so we conduct reactive PR when we reach out to them to pitch your clients as experts in their niches.

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