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One of the hardest parts of launching a new agency, brand, or business is deciding on a name.

Should it be something abstract (FATJOE) or a clear description of what you provide? What will really catch the attention of customers?

It’s the first point of call customers will have when recalling your brand, and you need to get it right.

Our automated Brand Name Generator will help you out by producing several potential options to help get the ideas rolling.

You can either use one of the suggestions from the company name generator, or just use it to get an idea of the sort of names you like – or don’t like!

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How Do I Choose A Brand Name?

You’ve already done what should be the hard part, coming up with a business idea, but now you need to decide on what it will actually be called.

There are two main criteria to stick to. The first is to choose something that works for you. You’ll be using this brand name a lot, and it has to be something you’ll be proud of years down the line.

The second is to ensure it fits your brand strategy. As much as it might appeal to you, maybe don’t pick a whacky out-there name if you work in something austere, like life insurance.

Our business name generator will help by suggesting a variety of different business names. Just seeing a few suggestions can really help you get an idea of what you’re after, or what you want to avoid.

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