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Keyword Research

  • Up to 1000 Keywords
  • Search Intent
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Search Volume
  • Adwords CPC
  • SERP Features
  • Your Rank in Google
  • Recommended Actions
only £25 $33 per report USD is approx conversion
From 5 days (2nd Feb)

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How It Works

1. Send Us Your Chosen Topics

To get started, simply provide us with your chosen keyword topics, domain name, target country, and any keywords and phrases you would like to exclude. We’ll then research these terms along with relevant related terms.

2. We’ll Look at The Data That Matters

We’ll report on search volume for each keyword, the keyword difficulty, the Cost Per Click (CPC), available SERP features, and where you currently rank in Google. We’ll also include search intent and a recommended action for each term.

3. View Your Report

We’ll organise the research into an actionable report to help you prioritise which terms you should focus on to get the quickest results. Once complete, simply log into your dashboard, click into your order and download the report when you need it.

Keyword Research Benefits

100% White Label

Each keyword research report will be 100% white label so you can pass them onto your clients.

Search Intent

We include the search intent for each keyword to help you predict what the user is trying to achieve with their search.


We provide recommended actions to help you to prioritize search terms for the quickest results.

Trusted Data Sourcing

We use data from Ahrefs (the worlds largest index) to find keyword opportunities related to your chosen topics.

Fast Turnaround

You’ll receive a comprehensive, fully filterable keyword research report within 5 days.

Examples of the Keyword Research Report

Want to see some live examples? Contact us here.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

We pride ourselves on being the most scalable and cost-effective keyword research service, which is why agencies switch to us every day. In fact, we believe in our service that much that we’re prepared to make your first order completely risk free. Place an order for a keyword research report and if you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

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Joe Taylor, Co-Founder


Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is a vital first step within any SEO campaign. By conducting keyword research, you can start to understand the language your target market is using when looking for your products or services online. After all, their concept of what you offer might be very different from yours!

With our keyword research service, you can also analyse how well your competitors are performing in search and tailor your content and link building strategy accordingly.

Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

What is included in the keyword research report?

Our keyword research report saves you time by removing the need for you to manually sort through data exported from tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, and Google Keyword Planner.

Based on the topics that you provide, our report will include a list of related keywords and phrases people are searching for in Google right now. We’ll also give you an indication of the search intent for each keyword, which helps you predict what the user is trying to achieve with their search query.

From here, you’ll see the level of difficulty to rank, the estimated search volume, the cost per click for Adwords, and the SERP features currently showing within Google search results.

If you have provided us with a website URL to benchmark this report against, then we will also perform a rank check against all of the search terms to show you where you currently rank.

Finally, we’ll suggest exactly what you might need to do with our recommended action column.

What information do I need to provide?

To get started, simply provide us with the keyword topics that matter most to you, your target country, and your domain name.

If there are any keywords or phrases that you absolutely don’t want to be included in your report, simply use the excluded keyword list when submitting your order.

Where is the data in the keyword research report sourced from?

Although there are various keyword research tools available, we source our data from Ahrefs. Boasting the world’s largest index of live backlinks and offering unrivaled access to search information, Ahrefs allows us to produce action-based recommendations which are driven by accurate metrics.

How can I use the keyword research report?

Our keyword research report can be used to inform your overall SEO strategy, forming the basis for your content plan. With recommended actions, you can use the report to optimise your pages for specific keywords and generate new content ideas.

Whether you’re working in an SEO Agency, an in-house marketing team or maybe you’re a loan warrior tackling your own SEO needs, this report will save you time, money and help you make quicker, more accurate decisions.

What search intent do you report on?

Search Intent is the goal a user has when typing terms into the search bar of Google. For our report, we have categorised search intent into 3 types; Navigational, Informational, Commercial.

Do you report on local keywords?

Whilst we can report on local search terms, please be aware that the number of keywords and phrases reported will be considerably lower than national search terms.

Keywords I expected to see are missing, why?

This could be for a number of reasons such as traffic being too low or none at all, or your topic did not lead us onto suggesting the keyword you expected to see.

Could my report include unrelated terms?

It is possible your report may contain some unrelated keyword terms. It’s important to note we may not be experts in your niche so we don’t remove keywords in case we remove a really good opportunity. This is another reason why we include up to 1,000 keywords for each topic so we can cover as much ground as possible.

What is a "topic"?

A topic is a broad, 1-3 word term or a high-level category.

Topics that are too specific, long-tail or niche may return limited results.

Good Example: Dog Collars

Bad Example: Pink Collars For Labradors

We recommend making your topics broad where possible.

How many topics can I order keyword research for?

Currently, we offer 5 topics minimum and 10 topics maximum per keyword research report.

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