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1 Minute Video

Great for Socials

  • Intro / Summary video
  • Simply give us URL
  • Ready to upload file
  • Script Included
  • Choose M or F Voiceover
  • Branded animation
only £100 $136 per video USD is approx conversion
From 7 days (3rd Oct)

5 Minute Video

Ideal for YouTube

  • Suitable for longer posts
  • Simply give us URL
  • Ready to upload file
  • Script Included
  • Choose M or F Voiceover
  • Branded animation
only £200 $273 per video USD is approx conversion
From 7 days (3rd Oct)

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All packages include scriptwriting, voiceover and animation.

How Blog 2 Video Works

1. The Scriptwriting Stage

Simply supply us with the URL of your blog post upon ordering, and one of our writers will take your blog post and create a 1, 3 or 5 minute script from it. Depending on the length this may be a summary/intro or more in depth.

2. The Voiceover Stage

The script will then be passed to one of our talented voiceover team. You can choose between Male or Female, US UK or AU. The voiceover will have a casual but professional and clear tone, perfect for blog posts.

3. The Animation Stage

After the voiceover has been recorded, our animator will create a professional, branded video, highlighting important points with simple and clean iconography and slides. Perfect to upload to your website and social channels.

Blog 2 Video Benefits

Hands Off

Simply supply us with the URLs of the blog posts, we do the rest.


No whiteboard animations or clipart. We keep it clean and professional.


We match colours and fonts in the video, making it seamless with your website.

Attract New Traffic

Tap into new traffic channels from video and social by repurposing existing content.

Scalable & Accessible

The scalable and accessible way to get your brand into video, before it’s too late.

Examples of Blog 2 Video

Google Shopping Explained (3 Minute, Male Voiceover)

What is Keyword Research for SEO? (5 Minute, Female Voiceover)

Long-tail Keyword Mastery Guide (3 Minute, Male Voiceover)

How To Use Google Trends for SEO (3 Minute, Female Voiceover)

Still Need Convincing? Here's What Clients Say

Review 1The only thing that has helped us get ranking on the 1st page of Google

Hi Antonia. We’ve been trying to rank one of our clients for fairly-difficult keywords (~KD 50-60) for the past year. The only thing that has helped us get them ranking on the 1st page of Google was the links you’ve built for us. Great job guys, please don’t change the service!

Review 2

We’re likely to order more frequently and stick around with FATJOE

Excellent to see links being embedded within more relevant articles – this is a good thing for everyone, and only helps with link relevance. We’re likely to order more frequently and stick around with FATJOE for a long time.

Review 5

High quality and has convinced me of your service.

Just a message to say I’m really impressed with the article I received today for this order. Got it really quickly, it’s of a high quality and has convinced me of your service. Please pass on my compliments to the author!

Still not sure? Read even more FATJOE reviews here.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back
We pride ourselves on being the most scalable and cost-effective video service, which is why agencies switch to us every day. In fact, we believe in our service that much that we’re prepared to make your first order completely risk free. Place an order and if you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Joe Taylor Profile PictureJoe-Taylor-FATJOE-Co-Founder
Joe Taylor, Co-Founder


Why Create Video Content?

Video is becoming one of the most important channels online, and it’s one of the most popular ways visitors consume content. By creating video versions of your blog posts, you can tap into a whole new traffic source. This is an accessible and scalable way to utilise your existing content and start getting traction on social channels and YouTube. Don’t get left out, the future is video, and your clients need it to compete.


Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

What is Blog 2 Video Service?

For years we have had clients and agencies with clients who want to get into video. Video can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. Without the right team, like a voiceover, scriptwriter, animator and editor, it can be hard to produce videos in house.

We have spent months building a team to productise this service and produce a service that converts your blogs to videos at scale, meaning it’s affordable, scalable and accessible to you!

Simply give a URL of a blog post, and our team will do all the heavy lifting into creating a video version of that blog post. Our scriptwriter will summarise the post, then our VoiceOver team will eloquently and professionally narrate this, and finally our animation team will bring this to life in a fully branded and professional video.

The final result will be a clean and professional video you can use on social media, YouTube, or your own website as an accompaniment to the blog post.

Can I Provide My Own Script?

Currently, no. Our process is so streamlined that our scriptwriting is essential to the voiceover creation, and final animation and so forth. Rest assured, there will be no surprises in the script, we are simply taking elements of your blog post, and rewriting it in such a way that the voiceover will sound short, snappy and concise.

What Will The Animation Look Like?

Our animator creates videos to be completely branded up to the clients colours and fonts.

There are no ‘whiteboard’ Fiverr style clipart animations here, just simple, clean and professional ‘slides’ with basic iconography that pick out the best elements from your blog posts. Where applicable our animator may use screencasts or screenshots to give even more depth to your video. See our examples above for a clear understanding of how it will look.

What Will the Voiceover Sound Like?

We have Male and Female voiceovers. You can select whether you want M or F during the order process and also the country you’d like. See the examples above to see how they sound.

Can I Review The Script Before You Create The Video

Currently, no. Again, we are trying to be as streamlined as possible with this service, and this keeps our cost low and turnarounds fast. Rest assured, there will be no surprises in the script, as we are simply taking elements from your already written blog post.

What If I Need Changes?

Our blog to video service is designed to be hands off, hassle free and predictable. The animations will be clean, professional and branded, and the wording will be taken from your already written blog posts. Revisions are usually very rare, but if anything is unexpected, simply email our support with your order number and any changes and we will have the video updated for you.

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