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What are Media Placements?

Our Media Placements service is designed to get you high authority backlinks and mentions from highly trusted media sites with a domain authority of at least 50+. Over the years we’ve secured relationships with an exclusive list of connections, including some of the world’s largest media sites, which has allowed us to guarantee premium placements.

Similar to guest posts, with media placements, we secure links pointing to your website which are naturally incorporated editorially within the flow of a blog post for maximum acceptance. This may be in the form of a quote or text referral, creating the impression that you are a leader within your industry or niche.

How Media Placements Work

1. Easy To Order

It’s really easy to order and manage our premium media placements service using your dashboard. Simply click submit a guide anchor text for the publication editor along with your target URL, select your desired placement, and then click ‘Confirm’!

2. The Content Stage

Your project brief will then be passed on to the editor of the media site who will draft the content for your placement. Your link will be placed within the natural flow of the content and may be in the form of a quote or text referral to your website.

3. View Your Placements

You’ll get to see each placement live from within your dashboard. We’ll show you a snapshot of the full Domain Authority metrics as it was placed and you can export an unbranded CSV report to send to your clients.

Media Placements Benefits

Green Circle 1

Genuine Outreach

We secure links on sites we genuinely outreach to, from an exclusive list of media connections.

Green Circle 2

DA 50+ Sites

Acquire high authority backlinks from some of the world’s largest media sites and publications.

Green Circle 3

In-Content Links

Links will be naturally incorporated editorially within the flow of the content for maximum acceptance.

Green Circle 4

SEO Optimised

Build quality backlinks to strengthen your link profile and boost your search engine rankings.

Green Circle 5

100% White label

100% white label meaning your clients will never know FATJOE helped to build your clients links.

Examples of High Authority Backlinks

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100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money BackThinking about trying our service for the first time?

We pride ourselves on offering the most scalable and cost-effective media placements service, which is why agencies switch to us every day. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to secure you a placement, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings!

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Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

What type of sites do you outreach to?

Our media placements service is designed to help you to land high authority links and mentions that others could only dream of. Over the years we’ve built up relationships with an exclusive list of connections, including some of the world’s largest media sites.

Can I choose the anchor text and web pages to link to?

You can provide a ‘guide’ for the editor, however, he or she will ultimately decide which is the best and most natural anchor text and web page to link to on your website. These are some of the world’s largest publications and it is likely they will not use commercial terms or link to product/service pages or resource pages.

Who writes the content?

The content is written by an editor of the media site. You’ll have no control over what they write, however, these are some of the best editors in the world so you’re in good hands. Ultimately they’ll have the final say on whether they are prepared to link to your site and how they do it.

What will the content be about?

The editor will be in complete control over this and they will consider previous content that has been written on the media site and also consider carefully how to relate the subject to your website. Whilst the content will be related in some way and it will make sense for the editor to link to you, we have no control over this element. This allows editors to have full control over creativity and ensures maximum acceptance.

Where are the links placed?

Links and mentions will usually be placed within the natural flow of the content and may be in the form of a quote or text referral to your website. The editor will maintain full control over how they will naturally incorporate your link.

How long will it take?

On average placements will take around 2-4 weeks. Please note that this is approximate and the delivery time will also depend on the publications content pipeline.

How long will the placements last?

Links secured should last indefinitely. In the unlikely event that a link is lost, perhaps due to the site in question being taken offline, we will replace the lost link for you within 12 months of the link being secured.

Can I use your authority links service alongside other link building strategies?

100%! We highly recommend mixing up your link building strategy to give you the best chance of ranking higher in search engines. It’s good practice to have a nice balance, incorporating different white hat link building methods such as guests posts, press release distribution, and infographic promotion, in addition to securing a mix of follow and no follow inbound links pointing to various web pages.

Do you provide refunds?

We will only provide refunds if we are unable to secure you a placement. We are unable to provide refunds for any other reason.

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