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Choose 1 or 2 years’ worth of blog content briefs delivered in a simple spreadsheet, ready for your writing team.

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1 year's worth of content

  • Up to 50 Topics
  • SEO Optimized titles
  • Topic Volume
  • Semantic Keywords
  • Ready-To-Write Plan
  • Content Brief & Structure
only £200 $270 per plan USD is approx conversion
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What Is A Blog Content Plan?

FATJOE’s Blog Content Plan service will provide you with up to 2 years’ worth of ready-to-write blog post briefs.

Simply give us your website, or some overarching topics you’d like to cover, and we’ll conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis.

We’ll intelligently cluster similar keywords together and create ‘topics’ that can be covered in a blog post. For each blog post topic we’ll give you an SEO-optimized title, the suggested word count, suggested brief, and secondary semantic keywords.

The plan is designed to be ready to pass directly to your writing team.

How Our SEO Content Strategy Service Works

1. Give Us Your Website Or Topics

To get started, simply provide us with your website or the overarching topics you’d like to cover on your blog. If you simply give us your website, we’ll research with a broader scope. If you give us specific topics, we can go deeper into those.
Simple and specific seed topics provide the best results.

2. We’ll Start Our Research & Analysis

We’ll extract keywords related to your website or desired topics by conducting research and competitor analysis. We then cluster keywords into suitable blog topics with search volume. Next, we create titles, briefs, suggested word counts and categories for each topic. We even analyse SERPs to check how easy it is to rank for each topic!

3. Hand Your Plan To Your Writing Team

Once you have your content plan in your hands, you may want to refine some topics, or get client approval, but it will be 100% ready to passed to your writing team to write. They have all they need to start content creation. You’ll be one step closer to finalizing a content marketing strategy, building topical authority and achieving traffic velocity!

Blog Content Plan Benefits

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100% White Label

Each Blog Content Plan will be 100% white label so you can pass them on to your clients.

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Deep Research

We leave no stone unturned with our broad keyword research and competitor analysis.

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We cluster similar keywords and ensure they are all covered semantically in the brief.

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Content Brief

We’ll give a suggested title, word count, and structure of the article to maximize ranking potential.

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Receive £250 Credit

When you order a Pro Blog Content Plan, we’ll give you £250 (GBP) credit to spend on content services.

What Does The Content Strategy Look Like?

Want to see some live examples? Contact us here.

Still Need Convincing? Here's What Clients Say

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100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective SEO Content Strategy Service, which is why agencies switch to us every day. In fact, we believe in our service that much that we’re prepared to make your first order completely risk free. Place an order for a Blog Content Plan and if you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

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Content Plan Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

Why is a content strategy so important?

Without a content strategy, you could be writing the wrong topics. Without a content strategy, you can’t project your traffic out into the future. Without a content strategy, you’re forced to come up with new ideas every week.

With a FATJOE Blog Content Plan, you have an exhaustive list of topics that will solidify your topical authority in your niche. We ensure you have a breadth of topics to write about that cover all parts of the funnel from top to bottom.

You’ll see the traffic potential and keyword difficulties to prioritize the topics you want to attack first. You can use the traffic potentials to project out an estimate for your traffic increases years into the future.

What is included in a Blog Content Plan?

In each Blog Content Plan, you’ll receive up to 100 topics, completely ready to hand to your writing team.

Each blog topic will include the following:

  • An SEO optimized title
  • Topic search volume potential
  • Suggested word count
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Secondary semantic keywords
  • A structured content brief

What information do I need to provide?

You’ll only need to tell us your website or a few seed topics you’d like to go deeper on. It’s your call.

If you have a completely new website and need to go broad on all topics, we will comprehensively cover all subtopics. If you have an existing blog and want to go deeper on one particular topic, you can give us 1-5 seed keywords.

It can also help to provide details about your client’s target audience, but the simpler and more specific your seed keywords are the better the results will be. For example “content marketing” is a clear topic that can then break down into blog topic suggestions.

How can I use the Blog Content Plan?

You can use this white-label content strategy to give your writers a plan for the next 2 years worth of blogs (yes, up to 100 topics!).

You can use this to get an exhaustive ‘topic menu’ to give your client to choose which topics they’d like you to get written.

Could my SEO content strategy include unexpected topics?

An SEO content strategy should be comprehensive, covering as many potential angles as possible.

It’s possible we will include topics you don’t feel are relevant to your client’s business goals or their target audience. In some cases, we may include topics you’ve already written about, but with Pro orders we check for duplicated keywords (cannibalization) to ensure we aren’t targeting keyword you already rank for.

It’s best to review the topics or have your client review them before handing them over to be written, and remember to treat this document as a ‘menu’ of blog ideas.

Can I resell your content strategy service?

Sure! Our Blog Content Plan is built specifically to be resold as your own content strategy service. Each report is completely white label so your clients will never know that FATJOE was involved!

Is The Content Credit Refundable?

No, the content credit included with a Pro order is not refundable.

The content credit can only be used for FATJOE Content Writing services.

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