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The 17 Best SEO Affiliate Programs In 2024

Top SEO Affiliate Programs header
Top SEO Affiliate Programs header

Imagine if you could make money from the very SEO tools that helped you become a pro affiliate marketer in the first place. Well, now you can!

SEO affiliate programs pay you a kickback whenever someone buys an SEO tool or service using your links. All you have to do is wait to collect your commission. It’s that simple.

Despite the changing nature of search, SEO remains as strong as ever. Figures put the combined value of the industry at $62 billion in 2022, with it set to increase to $100 billion in the coming years. That means you have almost unlimited headroom to generate commissions from users forwarded to SEO tools.

But what are the best affiliate programs out there? This post runs through the most lucrative options right now, starting with the best.

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We had to back ourselves, didn’t we?

FATJOE is a leading white-label link-building and content-creation company that’s paid over $250,000 to its affiliate marketers so far. Unlike some of our rivals, we don’t impose any commission limit and attract some of the highest average client spends in the industry.

The 10% commission on all sales might raise an eyebrow, but agency customers spend an average of $1,000+ per month, meaning the actual amount affiliates receive is very high.

FATJOE’s SEO affiliate program means the average affiliate marketer makes over $100 a month per customer sign-up in commission, considerably more than most other SEO affiliate programs.

You also get convenient monthly payouts via PayPal two months after you earn the commission. So, if you sign up in February, you’ll get your first commission at the end of March.

  • Link:
  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Average affiliate earnings: $100/month

#2: SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most established names in the SEO space. Its database is home to over 808 million domains, 25.3 billion keywords, and 43 trillion (yes, with a “T”) backlinks.

SEMrush’s tool is helpful for most tasks in the SEO space. Top uses include keyword research, data analytics, and even post-scheduling.

Given this feature set, SEMrush is an easy sell for affiliate marketers. The brand offers users pretty much everything they want and more. Plus, you get extra perks, like 120-day last-click cookie life attribution and money even if users don’t subscribe (such as $10 for every new lead and $0.01 for each sign-up).

#3: QueryHunter

QueryHunter is an SEO tool that helps users find high-traffic keywords, offering easy ranking. It has various filters and is compatible with multiple CMSs, including Shopify and WordPress.

Affiliates who sign up can benefit from QueryHunter’s incredible 50% commission on all payments. Customers pay between $75 and $199 annually for subscriptions, meaning you can get a fat reward for every conversion. There is also a seven-day free trial to get users hooked.

#4: AccuRanker

AccuRanker is another tool that offers an affiliate program for people who want to promote the app. Every time someone signs up for the service, you’ll receive a 20% commission. You also get a generous 120-day cookie lifetime, meaning you could still earn commission from customers who followed your links three months ago.

Unfortunately, there are no second-tier commissions on AccuRanker, as with SEMrush. But on the upside, there isn’t a minimum payout, meaning you can get your hands on your money immediately. And you can butter up users with the 14-day free trial.

#5: Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a popular tool that helps companies improve their content marketing campaigns. The app offers writing suggestions to optimize SEO, including the word count, number of paragraphs, and keywords.

Many affiliates find that Surfer SEO is easy to sell. Brands need it to craft content that gets noticed online and competes with the top sites in their keyword niche. Similarly, SEO agencies rely on it to enable their writers to improve performance across the board, helping clients get more results.

Surfer SEO will pay a 25% recurring commission for each signup in 2024. Therefore, the absolute value of commissions can be high. Surfer SEO’s prices start at $29 and go up to $649 at the enterprise level, which implies a large commission on every sale.

#6: Rank Math

Rank Math is number six on this list thanks to its status as the world’s most versatile WordPress SEO plugin. Website owners use it to get more control over their on-page search engine optimization, driving traffic to the sites.

Because 35% of the world’s websites use WordPress, Rank Math is an easy sell. Anyone serious about building an online audience via their website needs this tool.

The affiliate program’s terms are generous, too. You get a 30% commission and a 60-day cookie window for customers to buy. You can also set up an account and start earning money, even if you don’t have an official website. Guest bloggers and email marketers are free to join the scheme.

#7: Cloudways

The Cloudways affiliate marketing program lets you earn commission by promoting the company’s managed cloud hosting services. It offers multiple benefits, including no minimum payout and access to countless marketing materials, including landing pages and text links. So far, partners have earned over $800,000 via the scheme.

Cloudways is a good bet for affiliate marketers because many entrepreneurs and businesses need web platforms. Over 250,000 managed websites already use the service.

How much you get paid depends on which commission model you choose. Lifetime commissions pay you up to 12% of the lifetime customer, while flexible commissions pay up to $350 or 12% recurring.

#8: Serpstat

Serpstat is a big player in the search engine optimization space with top clients like Uber, Shopify, and L’Oreal. It offers SEO tools similar to SEMrush, making it straightforward to sell.

Serpstat’s SEO affiliate program lets you earn up to 30% commission on every sale, with top affiliate partners receiving over $75,000. The downside is the cookie duration. You only get a 15-day grace period. Any sales made via your links after that don’t count.

#9: NitroPack

NitroPack is a tool that helps brands speed up their web pages and avoid falling foul of Google’s Page Experiences requirements. It provides in-depth scoring for webpages, showing site owners where they are doing well and where they require improvement.

Currently, 72,000 websites use NitroPack, but that figure is growing significantly. Clients see an average page speed increase of 69% after using the tool, spearheading its growing popularity.

NitroPack’s affiliate program gives you a 20% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration, which isn’t bad. However, you can also offer a 5% discount on the first sale to drive more commission if prospects sign up for a monthly or yearly plan.

#10: Money Robot

Money Robot is a popular SEO tool that enables brands to push their content to thousands of sites to earn backlinks. It is popular among agencies and brands wanting to stand out online.

Money Robot’s affiliate marketing scheme pays $100 for every lifetime sale and a $20 recurring commission when customers renew their licenses. You also get a generous $25 for simply signing up.

The most praiseworthy aspect of Money Robot’s scheme is the higher payout per sale. Instead of receiving a percentage commission, you get a fixed sum.

  • Link:
  • Commission rate: $100 per lifetime sale and $20 monthly recurring commission for renewals
  • Cookie duration: Undisclosed

#11: SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is another SEO solution with multiple tools to improve website performance. Brands use it for backlink analysis, keyword research, rank checking, and site auditing.

SEO PowerSuite’s affiliate program is generous. You can make a 33% commission up to $200 per sale and benefit from a cookie duration of 120 days. It also provides numerous marketing resources to help you kick off your efforts.

SEO PowerSuite is at number 11 on this list because of the high competition in its niche. While it is great for digital marketing agencies and SEO professionals, it has to compete with better-known solutions like SEMrush and Ahrefs, which means you could find it more challenging to sell.

#12: ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker is a rank reporting system that shows users how they and their rivals rank in search results. The tool is helpful for agencies wanting to prove the value of their services or businesses looking to track tangible SEO results.

ProRankTracker’s affiliate program members get a 20% recurring commission and additional payments for Starter or Pro plan sign-ups. The highest payouts are for premium plans.

The benefits of ProRankTracker’s offering include the 90-day cookie duration and diverse marketing materials it offers. You also get various payment options, adding further flexibility, and can sell options as cheap as $25 to low-budget users.

#13: Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a tool that uses AI to enable more intelligent internal link-building. The solution helps create site indexes with sensible, hierarchical structures.

Signing up for Link Whisper’s affiliate program is done through its website. You can earn a 30% commission on the initial customer payment, plus additional commissions for every annual subscription.

The 30-day cookie duration is short compared to some of the other options, but Link Whisper offers a free dashboard that shows you your earnings and payment status in real-time.

#14: Mangools

Mangools is a tool website owners and agencies use to improve pages’ ranking in search results. It has facilities letting users find keywords with low difficulty, see search engine page results (SERPs) for any location, and find better backlinks.

Mangools’ affiliate program is attractive, so it made our list. You get a lifetime recurring commission of 30% and cookies that are valid for 30 days. Furthermore, Mangools will attribute sales to you, regardless of the delay between customers registering and taking a paid plan.

Incredibly, the average Mangools affiliate earns an impressive $487 a month. Commission comes from various monthly premium plans and includes recurring lifetime payments.

#15: is a quick-fire way of discovering email addresses associated with a domain name. Users get metrics measuring the validity of contact details, helping the tool stand head and shoulders above other content-scraping options. It currently has over four million users.’s affiliate program lets you start earning commission immediately. Simply provide it with a few details in minutes and get commissions for up to twelve months after users’ initial purchase.

#16: Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer is a technical SEO tool for finding duplicate pages, broken links, and missing meta tags. It can save days of manual work, helping site owners or agencies identify issues in seconds.

Site Analyzer’s referral program gives you a commission for every visitor who discovers the tool through your links and extra money if they sign up for a subscription. Commissions range from 50% for monthly subs to 15% for annual ones.

#17: RankIQ

RankIQ is a tool that enables users to write blog posts faster. Features include post outlines, old post optimization, and keyword research.

RankIQ pays affiliates $100 per referral, plus monthly bonuses. You get paid quickly, regardless of your skill level.

Sign Up To The Top SEO Affiliate Programs Today

As you can see, there’s a wide selection of lucrative SEO affiliate programs available to sign up to.

Whether it’s an SEO tool or a full link building service, you can embrace the power of affiliate marketing to help ensure you don’t leave a penny or a cent on the table.

Whether you’re a pure affiliate marketer or simply adding a referral link to external services you can’t provide yourself, SEO affiliate programs are a great way to boost your earnings.

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