What Are Niche Edits? Niche Edits Service Explained [Product Spotlight]

In our latest YouTube video, we talk you through why niche edits are a beneficial link building tactic, the process we follow to get Niche Edits for our clients and how to use them within your strategy.


What Are Niche Edits?

‘Niche Edits’ link building is a popular SEO service designed to acquire link mentions within aged, already indexed pages.

Niche Edits have grown in popularity over the years as a great way to boost a website’s SEO.

How Can Niche Edits Help My SEO?

The main benefit of using Niche Edits for SEO is that you’re gaining backlinks from aged content that has already built authority.

This means your link is getting more link authority being passed to it compared to brand new backlinks acquired using other think building methods.

With Niche Edits you’re adding value to the reader by embedding your natural anchor text & URL within the new, relevant content added to the existing webpage.

How We Get Niche Edits For Our Clients

We start the process of acquiring Niche Edits by identifying existing blog content pieces that are as closely related as possible to your link destination URL. 

We’ll scour indexed content on Google and use other software like Ahrefs, searching with various keyword inputs, looking for the perfect content piece.

We’ll take special care to identify content that is indexed within Google and is at least a few months old

The team will then identify ways that we can enhance the content and reach out to the site owner to make some suggestions on how they can improve the content on that page.

We make sure that the suggestions are completely relevant for the blog’s audience, and offer to provide the content containing the new, additional value.

The end result is that you’ll get a link mention on an aged and already indexed page; one that has built some page authority already over time which you can benefit from.

How To Incorporate Niche Edits Within Your Strategy

Niche Edits is a link building strategy you can use regularly. 

However, it’s important to note that it shouldn’t form the main part or the only part of your link building strategy.

This is because the main purpose of link building is to create a natural link building profile.

Blogger Outreach vs Niche Edits

It would be unnatural to expect a website to only be getting link mentions from aged existing posts that have already been indexed.

Nonetheless, using a Niche Edits service is a very good opportunity to build backlinks in conjunction with other link building strategies like Blogger Outreach and expert quote link building.

Focusing on our Blogger Outreach service as a main source of backlinks means you can gain most of your links from new pages. 

Blogger Outreach gives you the opportunity to acquire new links to your site or to a new content piece which can mimic natural viral distribution.

However, with a few more powerful Niche Edits backlinks, you can create a really authoritative link profile which will help you achieve some solid ranking results.

As with any form of link building, if done well, Niche Edits can really boost yours or your client’s Google rankings!

How To Get Niche Edits?

Looking to learn how to get niche edits for your website? Follow these steps to maximize your chances: 1. Identify high-quality websites in your industry. 2. Reach out to webmasters and propose relevant content updates. 3. Offer valuable and informative content to increase the likelihood of approval. 4. Monitor your niche edits’ performance and refine your strategy accordingly.

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