Fat Rank Google Chrome Extension Update 26th April 2013

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Yesterday (Thursday 25th April) it seems people were having a few technical problems with our Keyword Chrome Extension Fat Rank. It seems upon further investigation the Fat Rank extension was failing to report the keyword ranking position for keywords other than the websites brand name thus returning the result ‘Not Found’.

Problem Fixed – Chrome Extension Updated (Friday 26th April)

Our developer had been working on the problem as soon as we received reports and we can now confirm that we have tweaked, fixed and have updated the code. We have uploaded the new version of Fat Rank to the Google Chrome store (Version 0.164).

The updated version should have been pushed out automatically however if your still having problems please try the following fixes. One will definitely work.

Refresh the Website – Obvious fix we know but simply try refreshing the website your on and re-trying Fat Rank.

Shut Down your Browser and Re Open – Try shutting down Google Chrome and Re-opening or try opening a new tab in a new window. This should work.

Update the Extension Manually – In your Chrome Browser, click Settings, Tools and then Extensions. Look for the Fat Rank Extension and ensure the version is 0.164. If it isn’t click the ‘Update Extensions Now’ option in the top right of the extensions page. This should update all of your extensions including Fat Rank. Please check after the update that it displays versions 0.164.

If none of the options above work then one final option is to re install the extension. Simply go to settings, tools and extensions, trash the old Fat Rank and re-install by clicking here.

We just want to thank everyone that has downloaded and is currently using Fat Rank. We have received some great comments and also have some more pretty nifty Chrome Extensions in development specifically design to make SEO’s lives easier and quicker.

As always if you have any ideas or comments how we can make Fat Rank better please drop us a comment or get in touch.