What is NAP and how does it help local SEO?

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NAP stands for Name (Your Business Name) – Address – Phone number. It is an abbreviation that refers to how Google and other search engines ‘profile’ a business. The consistency of your NAP profile will increase your exposure on local Google searches.


Ensure your NAP is consistent

First of all, ensure your NAP is correct and consistent on all of your web and social properties and anywhere your business is listed.

For example, a bad NAP consistency would be: Fat Joe, FatJoe, FATJOE, FAT JOE

You will also need to ensure that your address and phone number is consistent too.

How Do I tell Google my NAP?

After you have completed your website and social profiles it is a good idea to create a Google My Business profile. We then recommend listing your business in reputable directories such as Yelp and FourSquare. We have a business citations building service that will list your business in up to 100 directories (UK, US or AU) if you want to outsource this.

Why is NAP important?

Google and other search engines cross reference your NAP profile across business directories, social profiles, your website and more to build validation that you are a reputable and legitimate business. The more consistent NAP profiles Google finds, the more it will trust your business location and rank you for local searches.

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