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Google To Shut Down Google Business Profile Websites

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On March 1st, 2024, Google will shut down every website created with a Google Business Profile, a move that will impact millions of small, locally-owned businesses. With at least 125,000 businesses affected in the U.S., the estimated cost to replace these websites like-for-like exceeds $6,000,000*.

We’ve gathered a list of all the impacted businesses in the U.S. and looked at the breakdown of at-risk websites by state and industry.


What Is A Google Business Profile Website?

A Google Business Profile website is a one-page site that’s automatically filled with information from a business’s Google Profile. It displays opening hours, directions, reviews, and services, offering a few minor customizations.

Google Business Profile website example

Impacted Websites By Area

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Here are the key state findings:

  • The most populated states, Texas, California, Florida, and New York have the largest number of websites that will be taken offline.
  • Florida, Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey are the most disproportionately affected states, with higher percentages of at-risk businesses compared to their population sizes.
  • Florida, in particular, is significantly overrepresented. The state accounts for around 7% of the population but 10% of the affected websites.

Impacted Websites By Industry

Next, we categorized the businesses and looked at which industries will be most impacted. For each industry, we’ve pulled out the most significantly affected sectors.


Industry No. Of Websites % Of Websites
Service Providers 17839 14.3%
Stores / Shops 13900 11.2%
Tradesmen 12651 10.2%
Food 10290 8.3%
Health And Wellness 10078 8.1%
Beauty 9551 7.7%
Professional Services 8695 7.0%
Car / Auto 7974 6.4%
Real Estate 4972 4.0%
Supplier / Manufacturer / Wholesaler 2418 1.9%
Uncategorized 26226 21.0%


Industry Business Sector No. Of Websites % Of Websites
Stores / Shops Other Stores / Shops 10996 8.8%
Car / Auto Car / Auto 7974 6.4%
Service Providers Other Service Providers 7016 5.6%
Food Restaurants 6741 5.4%
Tradesmen Other Tradesmen 5707 4.6%
Professional Services Other Professional Services 5641 4.5%
Beauty Nail And Hair Salons 5175 4.2%
Real Estate Real Estate 4972 4.0%
Health and wellness Other Health And Wellness 4887 3.9%
Service Providers Cleaning Services 3042 2.4%
Beauty Other Beauty 2986 2.4%
Service Providers Repair Services 2896 2.3%
Tradesmen Construction Services 2889 2.3%
Health and wellness Massage Services 2592 2.1%
Supplier / manufacturer / wholesaler Supplier / Manufacturer / Wholesaler 2418 1.9%
Tradesmen Garden Maintenance Services 2155 1.7%
Stores / Shops Tobacco / Vape / Liquor Stores 2068 1.7%
Tradesmen Plumbers / Electricians / HVAC 1900 1.5%
Food Other Food 1750 1.4%
Beauty Barbers 1390 1.1%
Health and wellness Dentists 1366 1.1%
Health and wellness Spas 1233 1.0%
Service Providers Photographers 1181 0.9%
Service Providers Pet Related Services 1087 0.9%
Professional Services Lawyers And Attorneys 1086 0.9%
Professional Services Insurance Professionals 1039 0.8%
Food Cafes 996 0.8%
Service Providers Rental Services 930 0.7%
Professional Services Tax And Accounting 929 0.7%
Service Providers Transport Services 844 0.7%
Service Providers Caring Services 843 0.7%
Stores / Shops Clothing Store 836 0.7%
Food Bakeries / Dessert Shops 803 0.6%
Uncategorized Uncategorized 26226 21.0%

Key Industry Findings

  • While every industry will see some impact, small shops, service providers (e.g., cleaners), car/auto-based businesses, restaurants, tradesmen, and beauty salons are particularly hard hit.
  • Tradesmen make up more than 10% of the total affected businesses, while the beauty sector accounts for nearly 8%. Car-related businesses account for around 6% of the total, and restaurants represent 5%.
  • Within the food industry, Mexican outlets stand out as being disproportionately affected, with over 1000 websites facing imminent closure.
  • Real estate will also see nearly 5000 websites disappear, while over 3000 cleaning services will lose their website.

Want access to a full breakdown of the businesses affected by the Google Business Profile Website shutdown? Contact us at and we’ll send it over.

Sources And Methodology

Website data was obtained by scraping Google to find all U.S. businesses with a “” domain. This was achieved by systematically appending each “STATE + ZIP” code to a “site:*” search query.”

We then collated the data and categorized the businesses according to their Google Business Profile ‘Business Type’. If the business didn’t have a ‘Business Type’, we used the business description to categorize them.

*The estimated cost figure was worked out as follows: If every affected business in the U.S created a new website with the market leader Wix, it would cost a total of $6,728,076 over a year. This figure is based on 124,594 websites signing up to Wix’s basic plan at $4.50 a month for 12 months.

Fair Use Statement

You’re welcome to share these findings, but please ensure you provide a link back to this page so readers can access the additional insights provided here.

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