How To Re-Order Content from a Specific Writer

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Hi, I’m Joe from FATJOE and today we’ve just launched a brand new feature for our Content Writing Services.

If you’ve ordered content from us in the past, or you’re about to, and you like the content style of a particular writer you are now going to be able to re-order content from that very same writer, which is going to help you with continuity for your brand.

So, let me just show you how to do that.

Head over to your dashboard. Click into one of your Pro orders and, in the order, there will be a new column called ‘writer’. Within here it will display the writer that is writing your project and their star rating, rated by our customers.

If you would like to order from that writer again simply click the text link ‘order again’. That will throw you straight into the normal Website Copywriting, Blog Writing, Article Writing, and Press Release Writing order process and will indicate that this person is going to be writing your project for you – it’s as simple as that.

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